Pilgrim's Computer Service
Pilgrim's Computer Service

Pilgrim's Computer Service is now CLOSED as of October 1st, 2020.

Thank you for trusting us to provide over 13 years of dedicated service to LaGrange and surrounding counties! Although our business is closed, we are proud to have worked for our friends and neighbors for more than a decade in such a tight-knit, respectable community. We appreciate everyone's support and continued loyalty through the years.

Interested in the property? We are selling the building that has housed Pilgrim's Computer Service and other local businesses for many decades!

"We speak PC so you don't have to!"



The mission of Pilgrim's Computer Service is to combine clear and easy-to-understand discussions with thorough and affordable services, so technology can be enjoyed by all. Pilgrim's Computer Service is focused on providing easy-to-understand guidance for technology that can often leave people confused and frustrated.


Services offered include:

- Recovery of files, including photos and other important documents.

- Computer virus scanning, management, and removal.

- Guidance in purchasing a new system.

- Custom-build systems to meet specific needs.

- Network configurations and setups for home.

- Network configurations and setups for business.


Join our growing list of satisfied customers. 

We are located just north of McDonald's at 604 S. Detroit St. LaGrange, Indiana.

Call (260) 463-3759, or stop in, for more information on how we can help. 

Listen for us on Thunder Country, 105.5 FM.


Does this look familiar? This is an example of a virus that disguises itself as something meant to surprise you. When you click "OK", that is when the virus is able to infect your computer without you knowing.



Did you know?


Did you know that the physical cleanliness of your computer can affect how well it runs? If your computer becomes dirty, it can affect the fan or the different wire connections inside. Below is an example of a computer serviced by PCS that was dirty when it came into the office.


Everyday dirt, dust, pet hair, smoking, spiderwebs and other aspects can cause your computer to run less efficiently. PCS recommends vaccuming around your computer gently at least once a month, and wipe down the outside of the computer weekly with an electronic wipe.


If you have any questions or concerns, need an extensive cleaning, or just want some general assistance with the physical components of your computer, please feel free to bring it into Pilgrim's Computer Service for a consultation and affordable services.